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For Employees

At Autism Works, we have tailored our organisation to offer you as an employee with an autism spectrum condition an opportunity to use your unique skills.

Rather than you having to 'fit in' in a conventional working environment, at Autism Works we look to shape our working environment around your skills and needs as an individual, enabling your condition to become an asset rather than an impairment.

To enable us to build a database of interested prospective employees please complete our Expression of Interest form (see sidebar), we will automatically notify you when job opportunities arise.

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For  Clients

For our clients, we offer an opportunity to work with people with ASC or Aspergers who can bring innovation to your company or organisation through capitalising on their unique skills.

In the field of IT maintaining an eye for detail, following structured ways of working, good rule-keeping and motivation for doing repetitive tasks are critical. Our team provide these traits and much more. It is proven that IT companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, CSC and others, produce better quality software products when employing people on the autism spectrum in software testing.

We are confident that our service will be exceptional, we'll do it much quicker, with less mistakes, more accurately, and we will reduce your costs.  We will work with you openly and transparently.  Our reward will be profitable, and our satisfaction will be hearing your praise!

Of course, when we're profitable, we'll reinvest in ESPA to help more people with ASC and we'll be happy for you to "poach" our employees!